Baby massage

A baby massage is one of the most popular baby gifts that you can get for a new baby.
Baby massage conduct in Class or Personal Visitation.

This is a 4 days course where we meet once a week – 1-1.5hrs per session.

Benefits for baby

  • Better interaction
  • Stimulation of body systems
  • Relief of discomfort ( gas and coic, constipation, excess mucus, teething etc.)
  • Relaxation

Benefits for parents

  • Better understanding of their baby
  • Promotion of bonding
  • Improve in parenting skill
  • Decrease in postnatal depression

Note: Min 4 couples to open class.

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There are many reasons why giving a massage to your baby is an excellent idea. When you massage your baby, he/she will get a lot of pleasure from the massage. First, your baby will learn to love being touched because it is the first thing he/she is able to feel. Second, you will be able to stimulate his/her central nervous system. So, why not give it a try.