Topics I discuss

Being an independent and blessed certified midwife nurse, I am available to provide advisory and training services to mums, private medical center and confinement center.

Areas of Concerns

Females in general frequently require the services of a midwife or ‘women’s wellness consultant’ for a vary of reasons including pregnancy care, basic medical treatment, infant care, recuperation after childbirth, regulating bleeding, transporting mum to medical facility and also training mum to be on the breastfeeding skills that may assist their personal nourishment and that of their babies.

Indeed, a pregnant woman deserves all the best in terms of diet, rest, environment, and not to mention, the loving support from her husband and family. Pregnancy is a delightful human experience. But it also takes a great deal of work to ensure that both the mother and her baby will have a long, healthy life beyond the pregnancy period.

Thus, it is my wish to provide much needed guidance, advice, training and support to mums. In addition, I will also refer mums to other qualified practitioners as well.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care generally involves a variety of things, from regular normal prenatal checkups to blood work, to ultrasounds and even childbirth classes.

Regular prenatal care ensures that the mother-to-be is mindful of her body’s changing needs during pregnancy and is able to make an informed decision regarding her health and wellness. Nine months of pregnancy is certainly not that easy for any woman. Being pregnant requires having that extra amount of energy, patience, and endurance for this most demanding of human female experiences. Extra care must be taken in caring for one’s self which includes following the diet and making the environment as conducive as possible for a healthy pregnancy.

In short, it is a woman’s best chance at ensuring that her child stays healthy through birth.

Areas of concerns

necessary tests and exams
breastfeeding preparation
Types of delivery
Nutrition,diet & exercise
Birth Plan
preparation before into labour

Birth Process Advisory

The birthing process, also understood as labor, is a natural component of pregnancy. The process is actually one of the most crucial and also delicate occasions  in a woman’s life.

Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, women go through a number of intense physiological changes which can often lead to complications during the birth delivery process. It is important to understand that your baby is inside of you and that you hold all of the rights and responsibilities related to your baby. Consequently, it is vital to think about all of your alternatives and also take the time to know as much as you can about the birth process.

Area of Concerns

Birth Delivery Option
Delivery process
Premature labor
types & Effects of medical induction
pain management
emotional & physical topics

Postnatal Care

It is important that a new mommy constantly look in to postnatal care. Taking care of yourself properly after birth is one of the most important things you need to do for yourself and your baby.

When a mum gives birth, she need to understand and also recognize what actually postnatal baby care is.

A lot of mommies are usually scared that they don’t know how to take care of the circumstance because they don’t want to be in any kind of danger, which is not actually the case. As soon as you have adapt to what need to be learned , your life will be a whole lot easier. The post-natal care ensure the wellbeing of baby and  mother’s health.

Areas of Concerns

Choice of confinment
New Born Care
Breastfeeding Practice
Pain Management After Birth
medical attention for mum & Baby

Associates Support

For Confinement Centre & Hospital

As a registered midwife, I do participate as a support associate in hospital midwifery service department and confinement center.

Confinement center Advisory

Hospital Support & Training