Antenatal Single Trip Visit

Antenatal visits, refer to the regular medical checkups and consultations that pregnant individuals receive from healthcare professionals during pregnancy. These visits are essential for monitoring the health and well-being of both the mother and the developing fetus.

Pregnancy mothers are compulsory to register for antenatal check-ups at hospitals neither private nor government. During antenatal visits, healthcare providers assess various aspects of the pregnancy, including the physical health of the mother, the growth and development of the fetus, and the overall progress of the pregnancy.

Typically, antenatal visits involve a range of activities, including Medical history and physical examination, blood and urine tests, fetal monitoring, discussion and counseling, Immunizations, and Emotional support.

In reality, Discussion and counseling are lacking due to the cloud in the hospital or clinics. Hence, we are offering antenatal visits to cover incomplete antenatal care for mothers. Various topics of discussion with the mother during the visit to ease away the pregnant mother’s anxiety and worries.

My antenatal visits include:
1. Medical history and physical examination,
2. Blood glucose and urine tests,
3. Fetal heart rate monitoring
4. Discussion and counseling
5. Emotional support

1st visit (12-20 weeks)
2nd visit (21-24 weeks)
3rd visit ( 25-28 weeks)
4th visit (29-32 weeks)
5th visit (33- 40weeks)