Postnatal Single Trip Visit


A postnatal visit at clinics/hospitals refers to a medical appointment that takes place after childbirth. It is a follow-up visit that allows healthcare providers to assess the health and recovery of the mother and address any concerns or issues that may have arisen after delivery. The common aspects of a postnatal visit include Physical examination, emotional well-being, breastfeeding support, and contraception.


Total: RM1250

Package : RM1100.


In reality, Breastfeeding support, discussion, and counseling are lacking due to the cloud in the hospital or clinics. Hence, we are offering a postnatal visit to cover the incomplete postnatal care for mothers. Various topics of discussion with the mother during the visit to ease away the pregnant mother’s anxiety and worries.

My postnatal visit includes:
1. Vital signs and physical examination for mother and baby,
2. Emotional well-being,
3. Breastfeeding support,
4. Discussion and counseling.
These visits help ensure a smooth recovery and a healthy transition into motherhood.

2nd day, 4th day, 8th day, 14th day and 21st day
Or selected date by clients.